Some Quick Fall In 2008 Thoughts

Posted by Brett on November 9th, 2008 filed in Conventions, News

Sgt Steel lays into a ratzi.

Sgt Steel lays into a ratzi.

Just some quick thoughts on Fall In 2008. This year was the first Fall In I have been to in a long time and I was impressed with crowd and the variety of games. It is still the smallest of the three HMGS East shows by a good measure, but it seemed much busier than the last time I went six years ago.

I ran two games and had no problems players, all my guys were great which always makes refereeing much more enjoyable. The dealer hall was busy at points, but I heard some dealers say that as the hall is so far from the main gaming hall they see people come through less often. The flea market was very crowded and active. I was amazed at how many people went into the flea market area when it opened on Saturday, it looked a bit like a clown car with a huge line of people disappearing into the room.

New miniatures stuff that caught my eye were some nice stuff from Eureka including a great set of Sgt. Rock/Sgt. Fury knock offs called Sgt. Steel & the Dog Faces of Easy Company which I think any right thinking WW2 gamer should have in their army. I also saw a lot of Wings of War, the newish WW1 airplane miniatures game around, it looks like fun but I resisted for this show as I am trying to lighten up a bit on my toys. The only other great news I picked up was from Falcon Miniatures who told me they were working on some new figures to flesh out their Herero line, this was great news for me as the Falcon line has a bunch of unique models in it and it is great to see even a small expansion of the line.

The only real downer for me was the food. The food at the snack bar wasn’t very good. I can’t really bitch that a snack bar’s pizza is terrible, you just hope for better and live with it when it lives down to the snack bar reputation. The real sin was our meal at the Hotel restaurant, Richards, which had a tiny menu of overpriced food with terrible service making for a must avoid in the future trifecta. At one point one of us had to go into the kitchen to try to find our food and after waiting forever for a round of drinks to turn up we went to the bar to get a round of drinks. To be fair the drinks did turn up after we returned form the bar, but the restaurant wasn’t that crowded, they just seemed to be actively avoiding the customers perhaps worried if they got a good reputation they would have too much business. They have no worries there. We went to the hotel bar afterwards and the staff there were fine, it seems to be just the restaurant that is crap, but I would rate them an avoid at all costs for the future shows.

All in all a very fun show, eat off site, bring stuff to sell at the flea market and enjoy it next year.

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